Saturday, April 4, 2009

Push of a button

Thursday morning on the way to school Molly said "I wish that we could just push a button and make it be another day." I knew she was excited about getting her & Abby getting their gold medal on Friday for learning all their kindergarten words so I figured that was the day she wanted to skip to. I asked her what day she wanted it to be and she said Christmas. When I asked "why Christmas" thinking I was going to get the answer of what new toy she wanted she said, "I want it to be Christmas so Odette will be here with us."

Needless to say I lost it in the car that morning which became the theme for the day. I think I cried more than I didn't. It was just one of those days that not having her here really hurt. So like Molly most days I wish we could push a button & make it happen. My prayer is that Molly is right and she will be here by Christmas.

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