Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dossier complete & in our hands

I woke up to a big surprise on Friday morning. I checked to see if our paperwork had been sent out by the Haitian Consulate in Chicago & when I went on the FedEx website it said it had been delivered a few minutes earlier and was sitting on our front porch along with some other paperwork from our lady in WA. For those that don't know what a dossier is (I didn't before this process) it is a collection of all of the documents required by a country for international adoption. I was amazed at how everything had come together that week. Our paperwork arrived in WA on Monday morning. She got the translations all back and copied and overnighted to the Haitian Consulate on Wednesday night. The paperwork got to Chicago on Thursday morning & then stamped all of our papers and then overnighted them too us the same night. God is good! Now when Andy gets on a plane to go to Haiti tonight he will have a backpack full of paperwork that he will get to hand-deliver to the lawyer on Wednesday. We are so excited because our paperwork will finally be in the Haitian system which gets us one step closer to bringing Odette home. Please be praying that all our our paperwork is correct and we won't have to make any changes that could set us back time-wise.

Also be praying for Andy, Mark, Kevin, Jacob, & Brian as they travel to Haiti this week. I know there are 18 excited girls that will be standing on the front porch of the orphanage all day tomorrow awaiting their arrival.

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  1. Yeah I am so happy for you guys... I pray that the next process goes fast and smooth for you and all the other families that are adopting at Coq Chante as well..