Friday, April 17, 2009

Hippolite's wedding

One of the main reasons of this trip Andy went on (besides loving on little girls & doing preparations for the May & June trip) is that Hippolite is getting married today. Hippolite right now lives at the pastor's house in the city and always helps on the trips that we go on. I got to know him much better in February because Odette adores him. I told Andy Odette's top favorite people are 1- her daddy, 2- her mommy 3- Hippolite & I think Brian & Kevin are tied for 4th. On the tap-tap one night Odette & Hippolite were talking back and forth in Creole & laughing and he looked at me & said "Odette, she loves me" I told him that I know & he said "she loves me because when she comes to the city for her doctor's appointments I take her and I take care of her". Whenever the girls have to anything to be done in the city for the adoption (court or doctor's appointments) they usually stay in the city at Pastor' house all week so Odette gets to spend a lot of time with Hippolite. Sometime soon Hippolite & his new wife will be living at the orphanage and helping with the girl. I am very excited about this because the girls all love him he will be a great help to the Gaspards. He is also helping with the girls English classes each week.

A few of the guys going are going to speak at his wedding today. Angie, Gina & I went shopping and bought Odette, Valancia & Benita new dresses and shoes for the wedding because they are going too. I can't wait to see the video & pictures from the wedding.

Odette & Hippolite

Hippolite & his fiancee

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