Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dossier steps in Haiti

I have had many people ask me where our dossier goes now that it is in Haiti. Since I don't completely understand the process myself enough to explain it I have copied the following off of another blog.

Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA)-

First Legalization (1st Legal). This is where all of the papers are authenticated.

File prepared for IBESR (Concurrent with MFA-

When the paperwork is at Foreign Affairs, your lawyer must prepare your file for IBESR. IBESR requires that the paperwork be in a certain order. The social history and psychological examination required by IBESR for your child must be made during this period. It involves putting the child's social information into a home study format with your home study information.


Your child's paperwork is put together with your documents and the file is then presented to IBESR (Haiti's Social Service Department) where a social worker will look over all of your documents and decide whether to approve your adoption request.The director of IBESR, the IBESR lawyer, the head of adoption services at IBESR, and the IBESR social worker must all sign off on your dossier. This is four stages of approval.

**Because we already have biological children we have to get a special presidential waver that grants us permission to adopt. This happens during the IBESR process.


This step involves one person(?) releasing the child(ren)'s file(s). Parquet is the head commissioner. He is intertwined with court. He asks all of the birth parents to come for interviews to make sure that they understand that there children are being adopted. Apparently there was some fraudulent activity going on and he wants to protect the birth parents interests. i.e. make sure they are in agreement.

Civil Court Legalization-

The adoption is finalized. After this point, the children are legally yours. (2nd Legal)

Minister of Interior Affairs (MOI)/Haitian Immigration-

The file is submitted into the passport process. The passports are printed in the adopting parents last name.

DHS Processing (U.S. Parents)-

I-600 is filed by adopting parents. File is reviewed and approved by DHS

Consulate/Visa Appointment-

Child receives visa in preparation for travel to their new home

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