Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Parent meeting update

Both of the parent interviews went well yesterday. We are supposed to find out soon when the DNA testing will be. The problem with that now is that they have a new requirement that all DNA testing is to be done in Haiti but they do not have a system in place to do it yet. So our next prayer is that will be in place soon and that this step will not hold us up in the end. Thanks for your continued prayers!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Parent Meeting

Please be in prayer this morning for Odette, Valancia and their parents. They have a meeting this morning with the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). In this interview they have to appear with the girls and state that no one forced them to go through with this adoption and they are willing to do this. Please pray that this meeting goes well. Our other prayer request is that they do not require a DNA test for the parents. This is being requested more often lately but we are praying this is a step that we do not have to do because it means another $800 that we will have to pay. Thank you for lifting these two families up in prayer today.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted an update since Andy and Taylor made it back. They had a wonderful trip & when they have caught up on some sleep, work and homework I will have them write some on here. When asked what was the best thing about Haiti, Taylor said "Odette", then when asked what was the worst thing about Haiti she said "having to leave". I think I have to agree! She is already saying that she wants to go back when we go to bring Odette home.

Here are a few pictures of the week:

Taylor and Odette meeting each other for the first time

Taylor getting her hair fixed in the first few minutes they were there

Andy, Taylor, Madam Gaspard and Odette

Video that made my day

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Please be praying for two of my little girls this weekend. Pray for the one that has to load up in a truck and head to the airport to come home after saying good-bye to her sister for the first time tomorrow and pray for the one that is going to have to watch her sister and daddy load up on a truck and drive off. This is the 10th time that we have had to say good-bye to Odette as we headed to the airport. I pray there will not be many more good-byes before she can load up on that truck with us heading to the airport to come home. Andy called this morning & said Taylor crawled in bed with him this morning and started crying for the first time this week. When he asked what was wrong she said "I don't want to leave, I can't do it". Not only has she fallen in love with her sister but she has a whole new family and group of friends that she loves and has to say good-bye to. I love that she has fallen in love with our Haitian family like we have I just hate the heart-break that I know that she will go through saying good-bye and leaving. Pray for Andy too as he is torn saying good-bye to one daughter and climbing on the truck with the other so he can come home.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Picture from Haiti

Last night I was having a rough night wishing I was in Haiti & I opened up my email to find this picture that Kevin sent. It was the most precious thing that I could have gotten in that moment. Looking at that picture was very surreal though. If you have been to Coq Chante you know that the picture is taken on the steps in the dining room that lead to the roof. Those same steps that I have sat on and climbed up more times that I can count, Taylor is now sitting on with her daddy and her sister. Seeing them in the same picture makes this week so much more real for me.

Andy said that he could not have planned for the girls to get along better than they do. They had an instant connection and have stayed by each others side since they got there on Monday. He said last night watching Taylor and Kayla playing with the other girls you would think that they have all known each other their whole lives. He said the week is going really well and that Taylor is enjoying every minute of the trip. I can't wait to hear more stories and to see all the pictures from the week. Thanks for your continued prayers throughout their trip.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Headed to Haiti

Right now as I type Andy & Taylor are on a plane headed to Miami. If all their flights go as planned they will be in Haiti at noon today. This is Taylor's first trip & she has been so excited to go meet her sister. Please be praying for a safe trip for the eight people on this trip and also that they will have a great week loving on some precious girls. I am so sad that I am missing out on seeing Taylor & Odette meet for the first time but I can't wait to hear all of the stories and see all the pictures. I will update as the week goes on.