Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Odette!

Today is our little girl's 10th birthday. I am so sad that we are not with her today. I thank God for bringing her into our lives and our family and I pray this is the last birthday that we have to spend apart from her. I pray today that the road to bring her home is much shorter than the road that we have traveled so far. I am thankful that Andy got to spend last week in Haiti with her and have her first "birthday party" with her. I sent icing cookies from Rita's Bakery for all the girls to enjoy. We also bought her some Polly Pockets, new hairbows and stickers and Mamaw & Papaw sent her some new pajamas, an angel pin & a purse. The girls also sang Happy Birthday to her which we were surprised that they knew. They sang it through twice in Creole and once in English. When I talked to her last Thursday after her party she sang it to me in English over the phone which was really sweet.