Saturday, May 8, 2010

Never Forgotten

Today would have been Atanie Laurient's 5th birthday. It is amazing to me how many lives that this little girl touched in her four short years & also the lives that she continues to touch. I will forever be grateful for the 4 weeks I got to spend with Atanie. From the first day when I met that sweet little girl standing at the top of the orphanage stairs in her unbuttoned preemie size onsie sticking out of the top of her skirt, to the truck ride to Coq Chante on January 11th- I will cherish every minute together. I am especially thankful for the last week that I spent with her. We had some really special times when I stayed behind with the little girls while the team went on walks with the older girls. I don't know how many times I heard her & Guerline chant that week "Allyson, Allyson mwen pa gen sandals (I don't have sandals)". That big smile, precious laugh & the way she would wink at you will always be with me. The last night we spent at Camatin was one of the most fun times I ever spent with her. She was so full of life that night and we all spent time laughing and playing with her.

Odette misses Atanie more than I can say. She is still grieving for her but has spent a lot of time writing to her which I think is part of the healing process for her. Each letter she writes to her breaks my heart but none more the line "God love Atanie for me please."

To learn more about Atanie and be a part of the legacy that she is leaving behind please take a minute to visit The video of her saying "I want to say thank you" was taken at Camatin the last night we were with her.