Monday, January 10, 2011

January 4-11 continued

January 9th

We spent the morning at Camatin with the girls and then headed back to Coq Chante for the afternoon

the spider that Wousamy found in the storage room

Love these pictures of Yollande

January 10th, Church day

Because this was such a small group and we didn't have as many projects to do as we usually do I was thinking on Saturday that even though I didn't want to leave the trip was seeming long. But after all I experienced on Sunday I was so glad that God gave us this last full day at Coq Chante because it was one of my favorite of the trip. We had church at Coq Chante that day. I sat in the back of the church and had such a sweet time watching the girls and the people of Coq Chante church worshipping with everything in them. Going to church each trip has always been one of my favorite parts of the trip. During the church service Benita's brother Milando kept peeking at me from a few pews up. He went out to the bathroom and when he came back in he climbed up in my lap. In a few minutes he was asleep in my lap for the second time that week. I enjoyed every second I had with him that day & fell apart when Kevin said it was time to give him back to his mom because they were going home. It took everything in me to hand him over. There is something very special about that little boy! After church some of us stayed for a long time talking playing, and taking pictures of some of the children and ladies in the community. I had such a good time and that whole day felt like I was exactly where God wanted me to be.

Some of the pictures:

Nicolette & Christianie (Atanie & Linia's baby sister & mom)

Ismael (Atanie & Linia's brother)

Lauren and Christianie

Tiffani & John Ismay (Atanie & Linia's older brother)

Me & Michleyn (she is a sweet little girl that lives in Coq Chante community & we have gotten to know & love over the years)

Onise's little sister- she is so pretty

some of Onise's brothers and sisters

Onise's mom and baby sister

After the afternoon in the church it was hair washing time for the girls. A couple of the girls had an infection in their scalp so all the girls were getting treated to either clear it up or prevent them from getting it. We took group pictures of them and their "big" hair.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing legos, games, singing, Kevin playing horsey with the little girls (I will try to post the video), and some tears as we loved on the girls & they knew we would be leaving early the next morning.

That night Atanie came to Camatin with us and it warms my heart knowing how happy she was that last night of her life. We along with the other girls spent more time laughing with her that we ever have. She is a precious little girl that touched my life along with so many others and she will never be forgotten.

Monday, January 11th

Our last morning was spent finishing packing then loading up to take the adoptive girls back to the orphanage and we were headed to the airport. Like the last day usually is it was filled with many tears and hopes that this would be the last time we would have to say good-bye. I spent the truck ride praying and telling her about all she had to look forward to when she came home soon. I told her that her Daddy & Taylor couldn't wait to see her again and that Abby & Molly couldn't wait to meet her. When we pulled up at Coq Chante school had already started to we only had time for quick hugs and good-byes as the girls got ready to go to school. As we pulled away I spent the whole time looking back up the hill at the orphanage praying that soon I would be pulling away from the orphanage with Odette on my lap headed home. Only God knew what all of Haiti would face the following afternoon.

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