Monday, January 10, 2011

Beach day, Christmas & Sleepover at Camatin

January 8, 2010

This will be a day that I will never forget. It was such a special day for the team members and the girls. We started the day by picking the girls up at Coq Chante and then heading to the beach. We have fun playing at the beach but it was obvious the girls were ready to head back to Camatin for their first sleepover. Before spending the night at Camatin had been reserved for the girls in the process of being adopted. I always hated leaving all the other girls behind at night but it was a special time where we could spend one on one time with them and that we we could focus on loving on the other girls all day at Coq Chante. All of the girls had been inside of Camatin before but few had stayed there (no one knew that day that soon many of the girls would call Camatin home). They spent the rest of the afternoon at Camatin playing, running around and taking baths. That night Mona, Jean Luke, and some of our other helpers for the week had planned and cooked a special Christmas dinner for the girls. It was probably more food than the girls have seen and eaten in their lives. After dinner we gave the girls their Christmas gifts. Each girl had one wrapped gift (for most of them they had never unwrapped anything before) and also some toiletries and other fun things in their care package. It was so fun watching their excitement as they opened their gifts. The rest of the evening was spent playing with their new toys and watching a video before heading to bed after a long day. I shared my bed with Odette, Christianie and Guerline. I was glad that for one day we could take them out of their regular environment and just spend the day loving on them, playing with them and hopefully in the end showing them how much Jesus loves them all.

Guerline with her backpack that is a big as she is

pigs on the beach (something I had never seen before)

sweet kids that were playing next to us

Benita (the ziploc bag cracks me up)

Odette- you can see her chicken pox among the water drops

Lucas and Yollande

Atanie, Lorie, TIffani & Saintemene


Christmas feast (watermelon, fruit cake, french toast, potato salad, slaw, goat, salad, and more. . .


Atanie & her princess Tiana doll


Girls enjoying their popcorn and soda

Marie Michelle








Me & Odette



playing dominos

One of my favorite picts of Atanie- she was hiding from me in the bed

Guerline & Odette playing with Odette's legos we got her for Christmas

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