Monday, January 10, 2011

January 4-11 continued

The next two days (the 6th and 7th) were spent hanging out at the orphanage and going on walks. The guys on the trip spent some time repairing things that needed to be fixed and put in a door going to the roof. We had originally planned on repainting the girls rooms and a few other things but didn't end up having the money to do it (we would realize in the weeks to follow that it was God's plan for us to just spend quality time with the girls at the orphanage and other friends around Coq Chante because all the other stuff would soon fall with the building on Jan. 12th). Because Odette was sick and couldn't go on walks this week she asked me to stay behind with her. So I spent a lot of time this week with her and the little girls while the big girls went on walks with the rest of the team. It is now some of my very favorite memories of all my times in Haiti. I had a lot of time to pray, think, and spend some one-on-one time with the girls. We laughed and talked a lot on this trip (well as much as I can talk with my limited Creole).

Odette helping Malange wash her hair

Benita's smile is my favorite!!

The next few pictures are of some sweet boys & a couple of girls that live in the Coq Chante community, the ladies on the trip spent some time one afternoon giving them snacks and loving on them. They loved having their picture taken.

Lucas and Wousamy

Madame Gaspard giving Odette a "bath" with something the ladies had cooked all day to help her chicken pox


Lucas and Yollande



Tiffani and Guerline


Karen and Stefania (Wousamy's sister)


sweet Atanie picture

Atanie blowing bubbles (she would say "Allyson- watch blow bubble")



Samantha helping Saintemene write (she loves her sister)

Kevin and Benita


Valancia, Malange and their little brother

Milando- Benita's brother

Milanda (Milando's twin- you can tell she has chicken pox too)

Benita and one of her brothers

Benita's youngest brother

Benita's mom spent part of the afternoon with us and brought along some of Benita's brothers & sisters. After this trip Milando will always hold a special place in my heart. He spent a long time grinning at me and then finally came over, curled up in my lap and went to sleep. I keep a picture of him on my refrigerator so I can see that sweet smile everyday and I pray for him often.

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