Monday, January 12, 2009

December 4, part 2

That night during dinner I stayed in the room with Odette. I need to apologize to the team for not being a part of the team that night but this was the closest thing to a date night that Odette is going to get for now. While we were in her room Madam Gaspard & Wilson (one of her sons) came in & sat down. Madam was saying how happy she was that I was going to be Odette's papa and Odette was going to be my daughter. She also said how much she loved me. By this time Pastor had come in and sat on the bed too. He was telling me that Odette was family, Wilson said they are "cousins". I told him we were all going to be "family". Madam asked if we would call on Sunday night. I was also able to tell Madam that Madam Allyson was coming in fevriye (February). She was so excited! She hugged and kissed me on both cheeks. It was a very excited Madam hug and kiss (if you have had one or seen it you will know what I am talking about).

We stayed in Odette's room a while coloring and just sitting together. Lots of the girls came in the room and all of us played together. Odette come and went from the room. On the last trip she wouldn't leave my lap, now she was confident to come and go.

All week I heard the girls talking and the only thing I could understand was "Odette" and "Andy". I don't know what else they were saying, but it was clear me & Odette were together. Since we had been back from the beach she was a little more affectionate. She is not overly affectionate. I told her to give me a kiss in creole and she did. That night I kissed her goodnight and went to sleep (ear plugs are a great idea in Haiti to keep out the snoring & roosters).

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