Friday, January 22, 2010

Almost Home

The last 24 hours have been crazy. It has been a complete emotional roller coaster but God has been there in every detail and our girls & Wousamy are COMING HOME!!! Kevin flew in to Jacmel at 9:40 this morning and picked up the girls and Brian and they took right back off and headed to Port-au-Prince airport. Brian and the pilots stayed with the kids at the airport while Kevin went to the Embassy to process our paperwork. Be praying that that all goes as smoothly as planned. Then they will take off and land in the Virgin Islands to refuel and spend the night. One of each of the adoptive couples has to meet them in Fort Lauderdale in the morning to process more paperwork. So at 5:51 one tonight I (Allyson) will be headed from McGhee Tyson to Fort Lauderdale along with the other families. We will spend the night there and will head to the airport in the morning to see our kids. I still can't wrap my head around that but maybe it will hit when I am seated on the plane & can have a few hours to process it all. We still aren't quite sure what the return flight will look like but we hope to know better times by tonight or tomorrow morning. Andy will post on here when we find out. Please continue to pray for safe travel for us and the kids and adults flying from Haiti. We received this picture a few minutes ago which makes it more real (it is all 5 girls, Wousamy and the 2 pilots). All this year thinking about how it would be to go pick her up and bring her home it sure did not look like this but God is in control and I know his plans for us usually are far better than what we can imagine ourselves.

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