Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Picture from Haiti

Last night I was having a rough night wishing I was in Haiti & I opened up my email to find this picture that Kevin sent. It was the most precious thing that I could have gotten in that moment. Looking at that picture was very surreal though. If you have been to Coq Chante you know that the picture is taken on the steps in the dining room that lead to the roof. Those same steps that I have sat on and climbed up more times that I can count, Taylor is now sitting on with her daddy and her sister. Seeing them in the same picture makes this week so much more real for me.

Andy said that he could not have planned for the girls to get along better than they do. They had an instant connection and have stayed by each others side since they got there on Monday. He said last night watching Taylor and Kayla playing with the other girls you would think that they have all known each other their whole lives. He said the week is going really well and that Taylor is enjoying every minute of the trip. I can't wait to hear more stories and to see all the pictures from the week. Thanks for your continued prayers throughout their trip.

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