Saturday, November 7, 2009


Please be praying for two of my little girls this weekend. Pray for the one that has to load up in a truck and head to the airport to come home after saying good-bye to her sister for the first time tomorrow and pray for the one that is going to have to watch her sister and daddy load up on a truck and drive off. This is the 10th time that we have had to say good-bye to Odette as we headed to the airport. I pray there will not be many more good-byes before she can load up on that truck with us heading to the airport to come home. Andy called this morning & said Taylor crawled in bed with him this morning and started crying for the first time this week. When he asked what was wrong she said "I don't want to leave, I can't do it". Not only has she fallen in love with her sister but she has a whole new family and group of friends that she loves and has to say good-bye to. I love that she has fallen in love with our Haitian family like we have I just hate the heart-break that I know that she will go through saying good-bye and leaving. Pray for Andy too as he is torn saying good-bye to one daughter and climbing on the truck with the other so he can come home.

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