Friday, July 3, 2009

Wedneday, May 27th- Beach day!

Today as most days this week began really early. Odette and Benita were both up before 5:00 when the sun came up and were headed off to Valancia's room to get her and tell her it was bath time. Those girls love a bath. I can't wait until they are home and learn what a real bath is with warm water. The other thing we will have to work on is teaching them to sleep in. Luckily at home the sun doesn't come up before 5:00 am but I'm sure what ever time it comes up these girls will be out of the bed headed for the bathtub.

We all got up and got ready for the beach and some of the guys took the truck to Coq Chante to pick up all the girls for the beach. I love beach day when we go to Haiti. It is a great day for the girls to just be kids and also I love the fact that Madame and Pastor get a day off where they can just sit and watch the girls and their boys having a fun day. I think the girls love the beach more every time that we go. Usually they play in the water for a while and then play in the sand and get ready for lunch then they usually change clothes and sit and talk until time to go back to Coq Chante but this trip every one of the girls got back in the ocean and played for a long time after lunch. Lunch was the other difference of this trip. Usually we buy fish for them from someone selling food at the beach but this trip we bought a grill to take with us each time that we go. They all loved the food. They all had their first hot dogs and loved them- only the older girls did not like the taste of mustard on their hot dogs. They also had grilled chicken with barbecue sauce and they all loved that too. I'm surprised we didn't have some sick little girls after the amount of food they all ate. They also had ice cream before we left to head back.

One thing that started bothering me at the beach was I noticed that Odette was starting to pull away some from me. She played in the ocean with me and we had a great time but then she did not want to have much to do with me. For most of the girls they know that beach day means we are leaving soon. This trip that was not true for most of the group but since I had to leave a couple of days early to get home in time for Andy to leave with the June group that was true for me. I tried not to think much about it because I didn't want it to ruin last day and I was good until the ride home. Since the truck was full I rode in the mini-bus with Odette on my lap. I spent the majority of the trip back to Kamatin crying over the fact that I was going to have to say good-bye to her once again. The thing that made it easier was knowing that it two days Andy would be with her. I spent the entire day saying "Daddy vine samdi" (Daddy is coming Saturday)and she got very excited and happy each time I would say it to her. I did not have the heart to tell her yet that I was leaving early so I just played up the fact that he was coming.

I had not prepared myself for the fact that I would have to say good-bye to the rest of the girls that night. We stopped by Kamatin to drop off part of the group and I made the decision to say my good-byes there instead of riding back to Coq Chante. Odette had run inside so I knew I could say good-bye there without her finding out but I know that I couldn't keep it from her if she went to Coq Chante with me. So as hard as it was I kissed them all and promised I would see them soon.

I was so happy I made the decision not to tell Odette that I would be leaving the next morning because we had such a sweet time together that night at Kamatin. I know that if I had told her she would have been sad and I would have missed out on watching her play and laugh with the other girls on the roof. I think later she realized something was up because as we were all hanging out in our room I started packing up some of my things. I was going to have Kevin help me tell her before bed that I would be leaving in the morning but she fell asleep before he got back from Coq Chante so I decided to just curl up beside her and enjoy my last few hours.

We can't wait until the day these 4 are running around White Stone!

I love this picture!

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