Monday, July 20, 2009

Daily Conversation

Odette is part of daily conversation at our house, not just by us but by our girls too. On Saturday we talked at dinner about the gumbo Andy had for lunch and how we thought she would like it. That sparked more conversation about what foods she will probably love and what she won't (the won't list will probably be small). We went to Dollywood yesterday and the girls talked all day about her and what rides she would like and which ones would scare her. I told them after the truck rides in Haiti that don't phase her the rides at Dollywood will be a piece of cake. She is just part of life in our house even though the girls have only had phone conversations with her (which consists of I love you, I miss you, and how are you?). So all that to say, never worry about asking us about Odette. Never think that asking us how she is or when she is coming home will upset us or bring her to our minds. We may not have answers other than it will be a lot longer than we hoped but we do not mind talking about her. She is never more than a moment from our thoughts and our hearts are constantly divided between our life here and our family in Haiti. Talking about her may bring tears but don't feel bad thinking that you caused them (they are always on the brink of falling anyway). I know God is teaching us and strengthening us during this process and I can not wait until the day that she comes home but until then she will daily be on our hearts, in our thoughts and in conversation in our home.


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