Friday, February 13, 2009


We had our psychological exam and first home study visit (in her office) Monday the 2nd. It made this whole process seem more real because we were talking to real people instead of just filling out paperwork and getting things notarized. Our next home study appointment will be the home visit and that is on Tuesday the 24th right after I get back from Haiti. After that home visit we will have one more office visit where she will do another joint interview with Andy & I and then she will interview each of our family members including our girls separately. I am a little worried that Abby won't go in the room with her much less talk to her. But hopefully that will all go ok. We also took a trip to Nashville this past Tuesday for our fingerprinting appointment. While we were there we got our state-issued birth certificates and marriage certificates & had some of our paperwork authenticated. Please continue to pray that all of these steps along the way will go smoothly and quickly.

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